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Our Products

Our products shall be free of any potentially hazardous chemicals and safe to wear for our customers. We strive to produce under favourable social conditions and with minimal environmental impact. No matter how sustainable a product is, it can seldom justify the use of two products instead of one. At RevolutionRace, sustainability starts here! We produce timeless, durable, and high-quality products, enabling our customers to wear their RevolutionRace products hike after hike.


Unmatched Value

Our entire product development and business model are set up to minimize wasteful overproduction and offer our customers high-quality products for a reasonable price. Most, 80 percent, of our collection comprises a running assortment and includes styles designed back when it all started in 2013. Most of our clothes are non-seasonal and can be worn all year round. We work directly with our customers, and can produce when there is a demand.

Design for a Purpose

We design and choose materials to fit the purpose of the product. The perfect fit, with reinforcement where needed, with extra seams at exposed parts, and made of material suitable for different weathers and activities.

Supplier Cooperation

We produce with suppliers understanding our quest for durability and who put an extra effort into the strength of every seam. We partner with suppliers, together we are developing techniques, making RevolutionRace's products the most durable in the world.


We test our products relentlessly. Every new product and production process is tested in the laboratory and in real life by our employees and experienced testers. 

Listen to Feedback

We have over 298 398 product reviews with an average score of 4.6/5. We are privileged to have a large and active community. We analyze all reviews and use them to develop our products to make them even better and to develop new ones.  



Extending Product Life

Our products last longer and have a less environmental impact during customer use if they are cared for in the right way and given on after end-of-use. We have updated all our care labels to help our customers with that. Even if we do our outmost to make durable garments, they do sometimes break. No customer should discard a RevolutionRace product for a tear or a hole. It is part of its history and such damage should simply be fixed. We have developed repair kits and by end of 2021, they are available online.


The Animals – Our Best Friends

Our suppliers of animal-based fibers, wool and down, are required to comply with our Animal Rights Policy. We only buy responsible certified wool and responsible certified down, ensuring that no painful animal practices have been used.


To safeguard product safety, we take the potential health and environmental hazards of the chemicals in our products very seriously. In 2019, to protect our customers, co-workers, and the environment, we decided to refrain completely from using PFCs (Perfluorinated Compounds). PFCs are a group of chemicals often used in outerwear for durable water and dirt repellency. They are highly effective for this purpose. However, research has documented their persistence in the environment and their harmful effects. As a highly effective alternative, we use the Bionic-Finish. Eco treatment, a proprietary fluorine-free technology from the Rudolf Group.



Notre premier produit

Nous utilisons exclusivement des matériaux de haute qualité pour la fabrication de nos vêtements et renforçons toutes les coutures pour nous assurer qu’elles sont durables. Lorsque nous avons développé notre premier produit, notre pantalon Nordwand, nous avons rejeté les douze premiers échantillons parce que nous n’étions pas satisfaits de la qualité du fil. (Inutile de dire que nous n’étions pas à l’époque le client le plus conciliant de ce fournisseur, mais nous ne sacrifions jamais la qualité pour gagner en popularité.) Nous travaillons également en étroite collaboration avec notre communauté pour développer de meilleurs matériaux et mettre à niveau ceux qui existent déjà. 


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Choix des clients

À ce jour, nous avons reçu plus de 298 398  véritables avis de clients qui ont acheté nos produits, et plusieurs reviennent régulièrement. Nous lisons chaque avis de nos clients et apprécions tous les commentaires que nous recevons sur les réseaux sociaux, les encouragements comme les propositions d’amélioration. (Sincèrement, mille mercis !)


Nos vêtements

Nordwand demeure aujourd'hui l'un des top-vendeurs de RevolutionRace, mais les pantalons ont été rejoints par un large assortiment de vêtements outdoor qui sont au moins d'aussi haute qualité. Que vous fassiez une promenade ou de l'alpinisme, vous devez vous sentir à l'aise dans nos vêtements, afin de pouvoir vous concentrer sur ce qui est important : avoir du plaisir dans la nature.

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Un pantalon fantastique !

Mon achat me satisfait pleinement, la couleur est belle et la taille élastique ajoute vraiment au confort de la coupe.

-Stuart R. 

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Génial !

Produits et service absolument fantastiques - je commanderai plus de produits !

-Jason G

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Incroyable !

Coupe parfaite, si confortable tout en étant durable. Je les adore. Je vais probablement les porter jusqu'à ce qu'ils tombent d'eux-mêmes.

-Kelly M.

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